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ECS Canada: Your Ultimate Security Partner

ECS Canada specializes in security services for small, medium and large businesses. With its 450 employees, ECS Canada offers the full range of security services required for the smooth running of a company's operations

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About us

Shaping the Future of Security Services

Our team is recognized for pragmatism, rigor, political acumen and the ability to exceed exceed expectations. ECS Canada offers the full range of safety services necessary for the smooth running of a company's operations such as security guards, industrial firefighters, investigations investigations, pre-employment screening, legal services and other and other specialized services.


Features that Define ECS Canada's Service Excellence


All our managers have extensive international police and fire service experience, both in the field and in administration.

Customer Service

ECS Canada is committed to provide outstanding customer service which has earned us an unparalleled reputation in the industry.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our experts will identify and analyze your needs and provide a solution tailored to your organization.

Full Range of Services

ECS Canada is the industry leader in a wide range of expertise to ensure the safety and security of your business.

Investigations and specialized services

  • Harassment in the workplace
  • Drug use and trafficking
  • Infiltration
  • False insurance claims and absenteeism
  • Electronic bug sweeping
  • VIP support
  • Intimidation
  • Polygraphy
  • Technical systems (cameras - GPS)
  • Theft or fraud
  • Physical surveillance (tailing)

Physical security

  • Security officers
  • Mobile patrols
  • Industrial firefighters
  • Vehicle escort and transport tracking

Safety audits and risk management

  • Identification of risks associated with malicious acts to which businesses may fall victim.
  • Identification of safety breaches based on the analysis of all administrative, operational, and physical processes.
  • Development of programs for the identification, assessment, and mitigation of business risks at both governance and commercial outcomes levels.

Emergency and Fire Plans

  • Response plan for secure buildings (PRISMA - active shooter).
  • Emergency action plan detailing preventive and safety measures to protect the physical integrity of individuals.
  • Development of a fire plan, including a structured evacuation procedure.
  • Creation of contingency plans ensuring business continuity in the event of extraordinary incidents.

Legal Services

  • Legal advice
  • Legal classification of an event
  • Quality control within a company
  • Support, supervision, and preparation before testifying in court

Background Checks

  • Provincial
  • National
  • International

ISO Certifications

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Quality Management


Information Security


Risk Management

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