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Response Plans for Secure Buildings (PRISMA)

Our team specializes in creating a response plan for secure buildings (PRISMA). This plan includes the development of a binder that enables managers to respond to violent incidents that may occur involving individuals in crisis or active shooters. The plan comprises the following segments: preparation, prevention and detection, intervention, and recovery. It ensures a collaboration between the business and police forces.

Customized Emergency Measures Plans

The safety and physical integrity of individuals within your establishment is our priority. ECS Canada can also develop emergency action plans that describe the preventive and safety actions needed to protect the physical integrity of people present in the establishment. This plan is tailored to various situations such as suspicious packages, bomb threats, major workplace accidents, earthquakes, power outages, and gas leaks.

Fire Safety and Business Continuity

We also specialize in the development of fire safety plans. This will notably include a structured evacuation plan for building occupants during a fire. Finally, ECS Canada can also implement a contingency plan for extraordinary events, ensuring the continuity and recovery of company operations following an unplanned or unexpected disruption to its business processes.

Emergency and Fire Planning Services

Response plan for secure buildings (PRISMA - active shooter).

Emergency action plan detailing preventive and safety measures to protect the physical integrity of individuals.

Development of a fire plan, including a structured evacuation procedure.

Creation of contingency plans ensuring business continuity in the event of extraordinary incidents.