Emergency measures preparedness

Our team of professionals are specialized in planning emergency measures, event security, and crisis management. ECS uses renowned strategies to equip businesses for any possibility. Our goal is to lower the risk to absolute minimum and to maintain the security of all employees, population, environment and installations.

Plan for emergency measures

Our professionals will start by defining the best strategy according to your needs and will then create an emergency plan to anticipate events that could potentially and negatively affect your employees, population, environment and installations. A good plan is essential to ensure each worker will know what the best actions to take at the right time is. It is essential to revise the procedures on a regular basis: annual, biannual or quarterly.


Our team is constantly watching for new intervention technics related to the environment or multiple work environments. In complicated situations, our objective is to act without any delay, in an orderly and efficient manner. Our first objective is always to secure the employees, population, environment and installations. Our professionals have substantial expertise in event and crisis management. Do not hesitate to request more details.

Our emergency measures services:

Risk and prevention analysis

Awareness in the work environment

Support after the crisis

Crisis management evaluation

Staff, population and installation protection

Development and implementation of adapted strategies according to your industry

Emergency plan evaluation

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