Security services

Transport Security

ECS Canada has solid expertise in transportation security, real-time tracking and tracing. Our extensive network of contacts allows us to quickly and efficiently recover your goods and thus reduce costs related to losses. If you are faced with security risks in connection with the transport of goods, our team will be able to offer you effective and fully adapted solutions. ECS Canada is able to carry out accident-reconstruction investigations to determine if your company is liable.


Emergency measures

Our team specializes in emergency planning, event security and crisis management. ECS Canada uses recognized strategies so that companies are equipped to face any eventuality.

ECS Canada counts among its team a former senior officer of the Sûreté du Québec who was responsible for the emergency measures service for the entire Quebec territory. Our professionals will first define the strategies adapted to your needs and then develop an emergency plan in order to anticipate events that may have a negative effect on your employees, the population, the environment or your facilities. Good planning is essential in order to be sure that each stakeholder will know how to take the right actions when the time comes. It is also essential to review the procedures in place on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.
Our team is on the lookout for the most recent intervention techniques relating to the environment and different work environments. In complex situations, our goal is to intervene promptly, in an orderly and efficient manner.

Site security

ECS Canada offers two types of remote monitoring solutions: internal and external. Our specialized surveillance agents can perform their work from your facilities or from the centralized monitoring center of ECS Canada. Our specialists can recommend the best approach for your situation.

Other services

In today’s business environment, with a focus on just-in-time manufacturing and reduced inventory, companies cannot allow themselves to be subject to even the smallest of factory fires.

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Risk management is as important an element as production issues for all companies.

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Our experienced investigators have had careers with some of Canada’s finest police forces.

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ECS Canada’s team includes a lawyer with over 35 years of experience in criminal and penal law as a Crown prosecutor.

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Our team of intelligence analysts identifies, collects, and analyzes all relevant information of interest to our clients.

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All employers want to recruit and retain the best candidates in their field.

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